Market research indicates that nutsetters have undergone little change in the past 20 years, and the category is crowded with standard magnetic nutsetters that are designed to hold the fastener in place. But the magnet also captures metal debris, an inevitable byproduct from driving screws into metal materials that is difficult to remove. Eventually the magnetic nutsetter becomes so jammed with metal debris that it is rendered useless. Impact GOLD® Grip-It™ Nutsetters deliver a solution with a non-magnetic snap-ring that holds the fastener securely in place without collecting unwanted metal debris. Makita Impact GOLD™ Grip-It Nutsetters are designed exclusively for use with high-torque impact drivers, and are ideal for driving hex head nuts and screws in a wide variety of applications.


  • Impact GOLD® Nutsetter Debris-free ring fit remains clear of debris

  • Competitor Magnetic Nutsetter Clogs with metal debris that is difficult to clean out


Description Length Part # Qty./Pkg.
5/16" Nutsetter 1-7/8" B-35047 1
5/16" Nutsetter 1-7/8" B-42684 10
3/8" Nutsetter 1-7/8" B-35053 1
3/8" Nutsetter 1-7/8" B-42690 10
7/16" Nutsetter 1-7/8" B-35069 1
7/16" Nutsetter 1-7/8" B-42709 10